Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How well do the Durgan staff know the tours that they sell?

A: Very well, in fact, Durgan staff have been on each tour offered.

Q: Why can't we know the name of the hotel we are staying in at the time of booking?

A: Durgan Travel Service works with local-area operators who have established consortiums of hotels. Our space is confirmed in their hotels, but final group size dictates which property we will be staying in for each group.

Q: How does Durgan Travel's billing system work, and when will my final payment be due?

A: We will send out final bills 90 days prior to your departure date. We then require final payment back in our office by 75 days from departure. You will receive your final tour documents from us approximately two weeks prior to your trip.

Q: What's the weather like at my destination, and how can I pack accordingly?

A: Most European Durgan trips take place in the off-season, meaning temperatures will be pleasant for outdoor sightseeing. You will receive a country information sheet with your final documents, and this will give you a better idea of what to expect. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest people dress in layers, since it might be hot on the bus, but cool outside, etc. If all else fails, please keep in mind as a reliable weather resource.

Q: What will my room be like? Will I have to share a bathroom?

A: Savvy European travelers realize that European hotel rooms are not of the same size and quality as their American counterparts. However, we do not use properties with shared bathrooms. The rooms may in fact be smaller and slightly more spartan than an American room, but they will be neat, clean, and still have most of the amenities Americans have come to expect. Many of the hotels now have hairdryers. The hotel's website should advise about that..

Q: How much luggage can I take with me?

A: Each person can take one check-in piece (max 50 pounds) and one carry-on piece.

Q: What type of people are on your tours? Will we meet people from other countries?

A: Any Durgan Tour offered to the general public will be conducted in English, and will probably be comprised entirely of Americans. Our travelers run the entire age spectrum, but the majority are in the 50-70 year old range. We do special student trips as well, but keep those separated from our offerings to the general public.

Q: Will my hotel have a pool?

A: It may, but chances are it will be an outdoor pool, and most of our tours don't take place during swimming season. Very few European hotels have indoor pools.

Q: Is there much walking?

A: There is a decent amount of walking on Durgan Tours, but it is manageable for most people. There is virtually no climbing, and the pace is not quick. Durgan staff members have been on most of the trips, so if there is a question about the amount of walking on a given trip, contact us and we can give you further information.

Q: Can I get frequent flyer miles for a Durgan Travel group trip?

A: Frequent flyer miles can be earned on Durgan Travel trips. Simply bring your card with you to the airport and present it to the desk attendant at check-in. It has become virtually impossible to get credit for frequent flyer miles post-trip, so be sure to have it taken care of at check-in, and keep your boarding passes until you can confirm that you were credited on your next statement.

Q: Can I have my flight numbers and times in advance?

A: Durgan Travel will provide you with final flight numbers and times in your final documents, which you will receive approximately two weeks prior to departure.

Q: Can I stay longer than the length of the trip?

A: On many Durgan trips, you may deviate from our trip and extend your stay at the end, depending on the airline. This must be requested at least three months prior to departure. Call or email Durgan Travel and request a deviation form for the trip of your choice. Due to operational considerations, we can only extend the end of your trip.

Q: Will someone meet us at our destination?

A: The Durgan Travel representative will meet you just on the other side of customs at your final destination. They will continue to be with you each day until your departure for home.

Q: Does Durgan Travel offer any last-minute specials?

A: Due to the nature of our group travel business, generally no. While we do our best in accommodating last-minute bookings, we rarely have situations where we can offer a discount for such things. However, our retail department receives frequent notification of last-minute specials on air, hotels, and cruises. If you're looking for last minute individual travel, call 1-800-234-9959 and ask for one of our retail travel specialists.

Q: What should I bring for money? What form of payment should I use?

A: The quantity of money you bring depends on the length of the trip, inclusions of the trip, and your personal tastes. Generally speaking, though, most Durgan tours include a good portion of your meals and entrance fees, so it is possible to take one of our trips with minimal additional expenses. We suggest you bring (and use) credit cards, for their ease of use, security, and exchange rates. If you need money in a foreign currency, it is best to get it locally at a bank before travelling, for convenience sake. There is nothing worse than spending a portion of your free time on a tour looking for a bank or money-changing institution! Foreign currency generally needs to be ordered, so you do not want to wait until the last minute.

Q: What kind of identification do I need to travel?

A: On Durgan Travel European tours, a valid passport is required. The passport must be valid for at least six months after your return date for most countries. The state department website ( is the best place to find out about the requirements for your specific country. Be careful with your passport at all times. We recommend you make two copies of the information/picture page of your passport- one to leave at home in the U.S., and another to leave in your luggage

Q: Can we request seats on our flights, or special meals?

A: Yes. While we can't guarantee accommodation of all seating requests, you may make such requests when you submit your final payment. Your request will go in your record, which is submitted to the airlines for ticketing. If you have special dietary requests, you may make those the same way. We must have notification of special dietary requests well in advance of your trip.

Q: I still have more question that I don't see answered here.

A: Not a problem. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.



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