Custom Tours


Design Your Own Itinerary

While we have an extensive list of pre-made tours which satisfy most clients' interests, we are proud of our ability to design itineraries that match a group's exact specifications.  You may already know exactly what you want to do, or you may want to look at the list of pre-made tours and "mix and match" days that might work together from various itineraries.  Groups require a minimum of 10 passengers, and generally the maximum for one bus is somewhere between 48 and 52 depending on the motorcoach sizes available at the destination. Some groups may have such numbers that they require a second or even third motorcoach, and we are poised to be able to handle that as well. Our group sales executives will assist you in formulating your itinerary, getting it planned and priced, and ultimately serving as a successful promotion to your travelers.
Individual travelers are welcome to talk to our travel counselors for assistance in planning and reserving tour arrangements, or talk to one of our group salespeople to discuss potentially creating your own group tour, which again, can be done with as few as 10 passengers.